is a bit sweet and quite crunchy with a hint of vanilla. Try it plain as a snack or with milk.


turns your milk into cocoa and your chocolate cravings into the past. Ideal for breakfast or as a topping.


not only makes you full, but also berry happy. Minimally sour and perfect with yogurt and lots of fruit.

ALL GOOD All Flavors

ALL GOOD All Flavors

For everyone who doesn't want to commit (yet). In the All Flavors package you get our cereal dream team, 1x each BERRY, CHOCOLATE and ORIGINAL. Your perfect start into the world of ALL GOOD Cereal.

We think it's time for a new cereal. A cereal that tastes like childhood and is full of good things - with no refined sugar and no nasties. A cereal that tastes almost too good to be good for you.

We present: ALL GOOD – Organic Cereal Goodness. Crunchy, delicious and sweet (but not too sweet), fully vegan and of course organic. Refined sugar, artificial flavors, preservatives and additives must be left out. We replace wheat and corn with oats and spelled. And our superpower comes from the date. It gives the loops their sweet, fruity and crunchy taste.

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“It wasn't easy to find a healthy and quick breakfast that tasted good. The loops from All Good are perfect, I like to eat them mixed with yoghurt and fruit.”