We think it's time for a new cereal. A cereal that tastes like it used to, without being full of additives or tons of sugar. A cereal that tastes almost too good to be good for you.

We present: ALL GOOD – Organic Cereal Goodness. Crunchy, delicious and sweet (but not too sweet) without refined sugar or artificial flavors and preservatives, but completely vegan and of course organic. We replace wheat and corn with oats and spelt. But our game changer is dates! They give our loops their sweet and naturally fruity taste.

ALL GOOD celebrated its premiere at Berlin Food Week 2022 and has been available online at www.allgood.organic and in selected retailers since November 2022.


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Who is behind ALL GOOD?

ALL GOOD is a brand of WTFood GmbH from Berlin. Founded in Berlin in 2021 by three friends with the challenge of revolutionizing the market for healthy foods. Together with the founding member, KoRo Handels GmbH, we transform staple foods into superfoods that are not only healthy and taste good, but also look fantastic.

KoRo is a fast-growing D2C FoodTech startup. KoRo are one of the leading brands for healthy & long-lasting food.